Walking in the Spirit of Ceremony

Whether you are hiking The Sacred Door Trail or simply visiting the land, we invite you to treat your experience like a ceremony.   Try inviting your ancestors, your descendants and the deeper energies and forces of the land into your experience. Ask them to help you to keep your eyes and ears open to all the lessons the Earth wants to share when we remember to look and listen. 

By approaching the trail and the land from this sacred place of connection to the past, the future, and the natural world we are opening ourselves to the universal life force that flows through all things continuously evolving and becoming; it is in this place of deep reverence and deep connection that we are healed, opened and inspired to step into our own becoming, our own evolution…   It is in this place of ceremony, supported by and connected to all that the impossible becomes possible.  The more we come from this place in ourselves the more our lives become a living ceremony; a necklace of sacred moments strung together connecting us to all that has been and I’ll that will be.

Holistic Respect: Honoring and Connecting the Generations

One of the main values The Sacred Door Trail celebrates and cultivates is that of holistic respect.  Holistic respect is the driving force behind stewardship.  It’s a way we view the world and our place in it that prompts us to use our gifts to nurture and care for the great web of life.  This includes specific attention to the honoring of our ancestors through the care of our elders and the honoring of our descendants through the care of our Earth and all life upon her. 

Imagine a space where you could go to connect with your great-great-grandchildren knowing that one day they too will be able to visit the same land and hike the same trail to be able to connect with you!  The Sacred Door Trail is not just for us; it is for our ancestors and our descendants.  It is a reminder that our ancestors lived to give us life and that we too are the ancestors of those yet to come; and how our actions today will determine the kind of world they are born into tomorrow. 


In mystical branches of many religions and indigenous spiritual traditions altars represent doorways for spirit or energy to come through that are unlocked by blessings and prayers.  In that sense the Sacred Door Trail is a giant altar for the world dedicated to the interdependent relationship between self, Earth, and community.