The Sacred Door Trail is a 200-mile interfaith pilgrimage trail in southwestern Montana that celebrates and is dedicated to spiritual unity and the interdependent relationship between self, Earth, and Community.  It is a compilation of pre-existing National Forest Service trails which make up a loop that explores some of the most beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers in the United States.  The trail serves as a bridge deepening our connecting to ourselves, each other and to our original church, our original temple ~ Mother Earth.  It is a celebration of our rich spiritual diversity as humans, but more importantly, it honors the spirit that unifies all things thereby turning the many into One. 

On June 28-30th of 2012 people from diverse belief systems, cultures and lineages gathered together to offer blessing from many different traditions establishing the land and trail as a shared sacred space.  Every time people gather on the land or hike the trail from an intentional and connected place in themselves they feed the spirit of the land.  In turn the land reciprocates through insights that offer a deeper understandings into who we are, where we come from, and where we want to go.  With this new wisdom hikers then return home to their own communities to plant and share the seeds of these new understandings through the words and actions of their unfolding lives.

To hike The Sacred Door Trail means you are carrying the prayers of the world on your shoulders. 



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